Ice Zapper
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Ice Zapper Satellite Dish Heater

« Before Ice Zapper®
You are out in the cold manually sweeping snow off your satellite dish.

After Ice Zapper® »
You're inside watching TV
while Ice Zapper satellite dish
heater clears the snow and ice
from your dish.

Ice Zapper Satellite Dish Heater
Where To Buy Ice Zapper Satellite Dish Heaters
No special satellite dish to buy; simply attach to your existing dish antenna.
Two models: Original Ice Zapper® or Ice Zapper 2® satellite dish heater Why two models?

The Ice Zapper® satellite dish heater is available in two models:

  • The Original Ice Zapper®
    with Thermostat Control
  • Ice Zapper® 2
    with Manual Control
  • Easy to Install
    Installs in just minutes
  • Effective
    Clears snow and ice
  • Warranty
    Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Works on all smaller dishes
    46cm-1.2 metal satellite dishes

Why do you need the Ice Zapper® satellite dish heater?

Unlike other satellite dish heaters that only use one heating pad and clear only up to 40 square inches of dish surface, Ice Zapper® has two heating pads. The radiant heat from each combines to clear approximately 80-140 square inches of satellite dish surface.
Why is the Ice Zapper® dish heater available in two models - with a thermostat sensor and without?
The Original Ice Zapper® satellite dish heater is thermostat controlled and is designed to turn on at approximately 32° and turn off at approximately 55°. Perfect for cold winters up North, but other areas experience problems with snow at warmer temperatures. The Ice Zapper 2® satellite dish heater is manually controlled and can be turned on when it's needed, no matter what the temperature is. Add the Outdoor Remote Control System and turn the dish heater on and off by remote.

Ice Zapper Front View

Test Results

LEFT: Actual test temperatures using the
Ice Zapper satellite dish heater on a metal DBS dish with an outside temperature of 29 degrees on a windy Minnesota day.

NOTE: Tests were performed on-site in
Minnesota. Your results may vary depending
on temperature, snow and wind conditions.
Dish not included. Shown: Original Ice
Zapper  with Thermostat Control.
Ice Zapper® Install/Spec Sheet
Ice Zapper 2
® Install/Spec Sheet

Ice Zapper Satellite Dish Back View

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Call to order  800-500-9275  Don't be left out in the cold! Get the Ice Zapper® Dish Heater.

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